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Special Education

Mission Statement:

Brownsboro ISD Department of Special Education will support students, staff and parents by providing all students with meaningful and relevant instruction and services, by teaching and preparing independent and creative thinkers and by guiding and preparing students to be productive members of society. 


Our vision is to nurture all students with individual needs, who value themselves and others and provide an education foundation that enables them to have the ability to think, communicate, create and apply their learning experiences throughout their lifetime.

Our department's goals are to:

  • Value all students and all abilities.
  • Create a supportive, safe and productive school environment.
  • Facilitate high expectations for all students.
  • Teach the value of hard work and facilitating intrinsic motivation.
  • Envision that all students are our future.
Life Skills students waiting to begin activities at the Blue & Gold Games
Life Skills students waiting to begin activities at the Blue & Gold Games

Brett Durham, Director of Special Education

Brett Durham, Director of Special Education


Community Outreach

Click the image below to view Special Needs Screenings:

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Chandler Police Department's "Disability Alert Notification"

Disability Alert

The Chandler Police Department has partnered with the Henderson County Sheriff's Office to promote and recognize a very important program, "Disability Alert Notification". The notification provides warning stickers to be placed on entry doors to residences which will alert law enforcement or emergency response personnel to disabilities of occupants within the home. This notification will assist first responders in knowing how to approach the home and how to better provide emergency services.

City of Chandler residents can pick up one of these Alert Notification Stickers at the Chandler City Hall / Chandler Police Department.