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Logo/Branding Guidelines

Brownsboro ISD Schools, Student Groups, or School-Support Organizations

A fee is not required on merchandise being supplied directly to Brownsboro ISD, a Brownsboro ISD school, an officially recognized Brownsboro ISD Parent Teacher Association/Organization, the Brownsboro ISD Education Foundation, officially recognized booster clubs, or a school-sponsored student organization, when used for a school related purpose. However, a Request for Use of District Logo(s) must be e-mailed to the Brownsboros Marketing + Communications Coordinator for each use. 

Outside Vendors or Individuals

Vendors, whether it be a company or an individual, who intend to sell goods or merchandise to the public (anyone outside of the organizations listed above) for a profit bearing the logos, spirit marks, or wordmarks of Brownsboro ISD must adhere to the District's Logo Usage Agreement.  If logo privileges are granted, the company or individual and the District will enter into a Logo Usage Agreement, and the company/individual will then pay a $200 logo usage fee* and provide proof that at least a $500 donation has been made to a Brownsboro ISD school, student group, school-support organization or the BISD Education Foundation for the 2023-2024 school year.   Agreement contracts are for a one year term, beginning on the first day of the school year and ending on July 31st of each year. If interested, please contact Whitney Yates, Brownsboro ISD Marketing + Communications Coordinator, at

*Donations of $1,500 or more will have a waived fee; Logo Usage Agreement must be signed. Terms & Conditions will still apply.

Additional Information

Please review the following information on logo usage and color guidelines before requesting a Brownsboro ISD logo. 

  • The logo cannot be cut apart or positioned in any way that will disturb the integrity of the design.  Additional shapes such as circles, squares, diamonds, or other images may not be superimposed on the logo.
  • The minimum allowable size for the logo is 2 inches wide.
  • Exceptions to the minimum size may be granted for items such as pens, lapel pins, digital media etc.  There is no maximum size limit, however, all of the design elements of the logo must appear clear and intact.
  • Alterations to the logo, including color, are not allowed.
  • Use of the Brownsboro ISD logo as part of a political campaign advertisement, sign, or poster is not allowed.


Please note that entities outside of our organization must have written permission to use any logos affiliated with Brownsboro ISD. 

Official Logo for Brownsboro ISD

Watermarked Logo


Branding & Logo Guidelines