BISD Wall of Honor




Nomination and Selection Criteria

A person may be nominated in one of the following categories:

  1. Student Alumni
  2. Retired Staff
  3. Community Member


  1. Have graduated from Brownsboro Independent School District fifteen (15) or more years ago.
  2. Have made significant contributions to the community, state, nation or world through good works or charitable beneficence.
  3. Must have achieved outstanding success in business, athletics, academics, education, the arts, humanitarian efforts, community service or other endeavors.
  4. Must be a role model that current and future generations of Brownsboro Independent School District students can emulate.


  1. Must have been retired or left the Brownsboro Independent School District for five or more years prior to nomination and whose efforts have contributed significantly to the district.
  2. Must have taught or been an administrator at Brownsboro Independent School District for 15 years or more. The award may be given posthumously.
  3. Have made significant contributions or achievements that benefited the Brownsboro Independent School District, staff, and/or students.
  4. Have exhibited leadership, character and/or service that inspires others.

  1. Must be recognized as a positive role model, person of character, one of uncommon dedication whom goes beyond the call of duty to assist students, staff and/or parents.


  1. Individuals who may or may not have been a graduate of the Brownsboro Independent School, but who have made a significant contribution, which helped make the Brownsboro Independent School District a better place for children.
  2. Must be a patron/benefactor/leader that has contributed to the Brownsboro Independent School District or the community  in an exemplary manner. The award may be given posthumously.
  3. Must demonstrate leadership, character, service and be a positive role for community members and Brownsboro ISD students to emulate.


The Brownsboro Board of Education Trustees will appoint a committee consisting of seven members, which will determine the procedures of, and elect honorees for induction into the Wall of Honor. The committee will consist of the following members:

  • One member of the Board of Education Trustees as appointed by the Board.
  • The Superintendent of Schools or designee as selected on a rotating annual basis from the administrative team.
  • Two community members who are at least thirty years removed from High School.
  • Two community members who are less than thirty years removed from High School.
  • One non –administrative member of the Brownsboro Independent School staff.
  • Two community members will serve two-year terms and two community members will serve three-year terms.

The length of each community member’s term of office will be determined by drawing lots at the first organizational meeting of the Wall of Honor committee. The committee member selected from the school staff will serve a term of three years. The appointed members of the committee will be eligible to serve an additional term upon the completion of their original term. Replacements to the committee must receive a unanimous vote of the remaining committee members to be eligible to serve on the committee. Members of the committee will not be eligible for membership into the Wall of Honor during their tenure on the committee, nor will they be allowed to nominate an individual for candidacy to the Wall of Honor during their term.


Any adult may make a nomination. The completed nomination form must be returned to the Office of the Superintendent no later than March 2019. The nominating individual may elect to include supporting documentation such as records, newspaper clippings, tapes, and letters of support with the nomination form. By June 2019 the Wall of Honor Committee will meet and review the nominations. All votes on the nominees will be conducted by secret ballot. No more than two individual candidates per year may be elected into the Wall of Honor*. A nominee must receive a minimum of five yea votes on the first ballot to qualify for the final selection. On the second ballot each committee member will vote for no more than two candidates. A nominee must receive a majority of votes on the second ballot to be elected into the Wall of Honor. If no candidate/s receives a majority vote, then the candidates with the most votes will be placed on a third ballot and the candidate/s with the least votes will be dropped from the ballot. The process will be repeated until a candidate receives a majority vote. Candidates that were listed on the second ballot, but were not elected into the Wall of Honor, will automatically be reconsidered again the following year.

*Due to the high volume of nominations expected the first year, the committee will elect up to 7-10 individuals into the Brownsboro ISD Wall of Honor.