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My name is Starley Aills and I have been a proud Brownsboro Bear since 2017! I report our monthly SHARS billing for the district and act as an assistant to the Diagnosticians and Speech Therapists.
Q: What is the Texas Medicaid(SHARS) Program?
A:  The Texas Medicaid (SHARS) Program was set up to allow Texas school districts to bill the FEDERAL MEDICAID Program for the health-related services Texas schools provide to children with Medicaid Health Insurance. The FEDERAL MEDICAID Program will pay 62% of the cost of these services for eligible students.
Q: What happened to permit Texas schools to bill the FEDERAL MEDICAID Program? 
A:  In 1988, the U.S. Congress passed the "Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act" (P.I. 100-360) which included a provision allowing local school districts to bill the FEDERAL MEDICAID Program for these services. The Medicaid State Plan allows for the SHARS services.
Q: Will the money collected go directly to my child?
A:  NO. The money will be paid to the school district, the "provider" of the the health-related service. Indirectly, of course, this new source of funding will help all children and reduce the cost to local taxpayers.
Q: Will I have other forms and paperwork to fill out? 
A:  NO. All other paperwork will be handled by the school and Texas State Billing Services, Inc.
Q: Will this program affect my child's regular MEDICAID coverage?
A:  NO. The School Medicaid program is TOTALLY SEPARATE from the Medicaid program which covers your child's normal medical expenses.
Q: My child does NOT have Medicaid Health Insurance, but I'd like more information about Medicaid. What do I do? 
A:  We have listed below the phone number for Medicaid Health Insurance information. This office can confidentially tell you whether or not your child could be eligible.
NOTE:  If your child receives free or reduced lunch at school, he or she may qualify for Medicaid insurance.
Q: Is our family's income the only criteria for Medicaid coverage?
A: NO. The "Katie Beckett" program provides coverage for children with severe disabilities who are being cared for at home. If a child meets criteria for this program, the income of the parents is not considered in determining eligibility for Medicaid.
Medicaid Client Hot-Line