FAQ (Additional Students of an Existing Family)


1. Login to your Skyward Family Access Account

2. Select New Students to BISD





1. I have an active Skyward Family Access Account. My children are currently enrolled in and attending Brownsboro or were enrolled last year on the last day of school who will be returning to Brownsboro for the next school year. I have another child who has not been attending Brownsboro. What do I need to do to get this student enrolled?
Your additional child will be considered a new student of an existing family. Click on the Family Access Link on the Parents & students page. This will take you to the Skyward Family Access login page. All additional students within an existing family must be registered online by accessing your Skyward Family Access login information. After logging in, click on “New Student Online Enrollment” in the menu area of the homepage of your personal account. You must complete the enrollment application for each student you wish to add and submit the application to the district for processing.


2. How much time do I need to complete the online forms?
It will take approximately 20 minutes per child.


3. I do not have a computer and/or internet access at home. Can I still enroll my child?
Yes, you may use any computer with internet access at any location. For example you may go to a friend or family member, the public library, or a Brownsboro ISD campus that has an open computer lab set up for those who need assistance.


4. When and where can I go for help with updating my information on-line?
Beginning March 1, each campus will have computers set up for you to use during normal operating hours.


5. Will my information be secure?
Yes. The information is uploaded through a secure, encrypted website. However, you must click the log out button at the end of your session. You must also remember to keep your user name and password secure.