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Dear BISD Staff,

All teachers and staff are assigned to a specific campus web page and each teacher and employee has a basic page. You will need to maintain your basic page.

  Teachers are asked to:

                1. Upload a personal photo…..(head shot)

                2. Write a welcome

                3. upload at least 1 content specific picture

                4. tutorial schedule

                5. Classes (7-12)

                6. Conference time

                7. Syllabus (7-12)

                8. Schedule

                9. Overview (K-6)

 Other Staff/Employee

                   1. Upload a personal photo…..(head shot)

                   2. Write a welcome


To go to your login to edit and input your data go to your campus specific login;

BES: gobearsgo-bes.edlioadmin.com

CES: gobearsgo-ces.edlioadmin.com

BIS: gobearsgo-bis.edlioadmin.com

CIS: gobearsgo-cis.edlioadmin.com

BJH: gobearsgo-bjh.edlioadmin.com

BHS: gobearsgo-bhs.edlioadmin.com

ADMIN: gobearsgo.edlioadmin.com

Campus Website Administrators:

If you have questions feel free to contact your campus Website administrators

BES: Daphne Earl

CES: Julie Henry

BIS:  Kelly Bagby

CIS: Stephanie Stevens

BJH: Courtney Pew

BHS: Chad Wilson

Admin: Haley Turner