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Brownsboro Independent School District has  its own radio station. Bear Radio’s first class started on  Aug 27th 2007.  The idea for the station was born in the heart of Perry Eaton the Parent Involvement Coordinator for the Brownsboro School District.  The goal for BEAR Radio is to get information about the school and school activities to the home.  Also, Bear Radio desire is to provide the Brownsboro/Chandler area the opportunity to have information aired that will be of interest to the local communities. With the support of  the Superintendent and the School Board, Bear Radio was put into motion.  For many years the radio station has been exposing students to creative technology that also teaches them how to run a radio station and also provides an information service to the parents and listeners of Bear Radio. We are excited about some developments that are happening with Bear Radio. The FCC is opening a window in (October 2013) to except construction permits for areas like Brownsboro ISD to apply for a Low Power FM radio station. We will have our application ready to submit and if awarded we will have our own on the dial radio station. The coverage area will be between a 10 to 20 mile radius. This is an exciting expansion of what we have been doing at Bear Radio. Hopefully we will be on dial by the Fall of 2014.  We are thankful for our founding sponsors who made Bear Radio possible. Y’s Hometown Food, 1st State Bank of Brownsboro , Echo Springs Blueberry Farm, Lona Mauk State Farm Insurance Athens, Document Solutions, Chandler/Brownsboro Chamber of Commerce, Copeland’s Chandler Drug,  Carroll-Lehr Funeral Home, and  Wade’s Place.  

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