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Adult Literacy Program



Brownsboro ISD Adult English Class 


The classes have a unique beginning….


Every year each district in Texas is mandated to have an ESL (English Second Language) Parent meeting. At the meeting, we inform parents of testing standards and also give them specific information connected to ESL education.

 In February 2008 we had a scheduled yearly Parent Meeting. I had invited the Adult Education department of TVCC to attend to share with our Parents the possibilities of starting English classes here.  We had 46 parents interested in participating in the class.


We were excited and started the plans on creating the class in conjunction with TVCC in the fall of 2008….. But at the last minute, TVCC pulled out and instructed us to send any of our Adult students to Athens to attend classes.


Our parents were very disappointed….and asked if we could start a class here at Brownsboro.  With the support of the administration,  we started on our own…. Paula Phillips (CES teacher) designed and created the first curriculum and along with Johnice Weisinger (CES retired) they taught the first classes. Through the years we have had several teachers Denaa Murphy (BES) , Duane Hauser (CES), Nancy Avedikian(retired),  Cindy McKay (retired) instruct our Adult English Classes. Our current teachers are Erica Latson  and Gloria Zavala . They teach Spanish at Brownsboro High School.  The classes have grown and have expanded the teaching methods and length of the Fall and Spring Semesters. We are also excited about partnering with Tyler Literacy Council for training and curriculum.


For Information about Fall and Spring Semester Start time...... 

email or call 903-852-3701


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