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Superintendent's Message


On Aug. 21, 2017, our parents in the Brownsboro Independent School District are sending us more than 2,700 of the best students in Texas.


Because our parents are committed to sending us “the best kids they have,” we’re dedicated to make sure that we – as a district and staff – will help our students fulfill their potential so they will all engage in a successful school year.


A new school year brings a new level of excitement. There are new educational initiatives taking place throughout the district so we can better tap the talents of our students and maximize their potential.


Technology is broadening and becoming a bigger part of every student’s life, and our district has spent countless hours this summer to better prepare them for the digital world.


This dedication from our staff depicts the high level of energy that is permeating throughout Brownsboro ISD.  I assure you that everyone is working hard to be ready for the first of school.


Our veteran teachers have invested much of their summer presenting or attending professional development classes and designing engaging activities for our students.  Our new staff members, who always bring a high level of excitement to all our schools, began a few days early for special staff development geared specifically for them. Our administration and other staff have worked throughout the summer on all facets of the educational programs that are necessary to staff and equip our 7 campuses – from preparing a budget with decreased state funding to upgrading the classrooms and the technology programs.


We have a dedicated staff aimed at providing the best educational experience possible to the children of Brownsboro ISD.


As we embark on the 2017-2018 school year, I encourage our parents to not only send us their best– but to get involved in what they are doing inside and outside of our classrooms.


In today’s challenging world, we need all of you to become fully engaged as partners in the learning process. When our parents and community support our goal of maximizing every student’s potential, everyone’s expectations will be higher.


Join us in creating our future!


Tommy Hunter, Superintendent Brownsboro ISD