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BISD Mission and Goals

Curriculum Mission

Brownsboro Independent School District provides a comprehensive educational program offering a wide range of academic and elective courses pre-kindergarten through high school. Brownsboro ISD is committed to coordinating the written, taught, and tested curriculum. In order to meet District goals and objectives, the curriculum and instructional programs are aligned with the state mandated curriculum and with the state mandated STAAR assessments.

Curriculum and Instruction Goals
  • Provide a quality standards-based curriculum that is vertically and horizontally aligned grades K-12
  • Develop a common curriculum-based assessment program that will help teachers determine student progress and achievement
  • Provide teachers the with tools and skills needed to regularly analyze student achievement data
  • Provide quality staff development that supports teachers and student achievement
  • Support campus college awareness programs that increase college participation of all students
  • Support quality intervention programs for students who struggle academically

The TEKS Resource System (TRS) is the basic curriculum for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The curriculum is a "living guide" and is constantly being revised and updated based on student needs.

The TRS Parent Portal - Provides basic information to parents about the TRS curriculum currently being used at Brownsboro ISD.