Physicals and Required Forms

Dear Parent/Guardian:


We are transitioning from keeping hard copies of all paperwork and medical documentation to an online charting system to improve communication between athletic trainers, parents, coaches, and athletes. This system is called DragonFly MAX. You will be required to create a login for this system, and this will give you access to all of your own child’s documents, as well as being able to upload new documents to their file (doctor’s notes, PT notes, etc). You are not required to get the phone app, but you will easily be able to check in on your child’s injuries and treatments if you do.

You will now sign all consent forms online (yearly as required by the UIL), and will be able to check when your child’s physical will expire on this site. When you begin to submit paperwork, you will be given the option to fill out the forms electronically, upload the document, or print a blank copy. PLEASE fill the forms out electronically. Most of the forms that are redundant (sorry) will auto-fill for you when you have completed the “Update Medical and Demographic Info” tab. The medical history form and physical examination (found in the forms section) will need to be printed and taken to the doctor that completes your child’s physical. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PRINTER, PLEASE HAVE YOUR STUDENT GET THIS FROM THE ATHLETIC TRAINER OR FRONT OFFICE. This can then be scanned and uploaded, or sent with your child to their athletic trainer. The actual physical should be the only hard copy that you will need to submit to the athletic trainer, if you choose not to upload it yourself.

The same eligibility will apply for your child as previously with the hard copies of consent forms and physicals: if they do not have their forms completed, they will not be eligible to participate in any practices, games, weight-lifting, or any other activities with their sport.

Attached are the instructions for how to create a new login. Please follow instructions on this page and on the website after you have logged in to complete your child’s profile. If you do not have access to a computer, one will be made available to you at the high school to complete these forms. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact myself or DragonFly MAX’s help center by clicking on the red and white icon at the lower left hand corner of your screen (when logged into a computer).

I understand this is new and may seem overwhelming at first, but I think you will find many benefits when we all adjust. Again, please feel free to contact me with any questions at any time. Thanks!



Anita Miller, MS, LAT, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer

Brownsboro High School

O: (903) 852-8039


Frequently Asked Questions
If I have a JH and a HS student, do I have to use both codes?
Yes. First you will need to create ONE parent account then use the Join Code for each campus you have a child attending.
If my child participates in cheer, drill team or band are they required to have a physical?
Yes, as well as all the electronic forms completed and signed on DragonFly.
I don't have a printer at home. How can I get a hard copy of the medical history form?
Please have your student stop by the athletic trainer's office or the campus front office to pick up a copy of this form to take to your doctor.
Is BISD offering free physicals? 
Yes. During the school day on May 16th, the district will have doctors present at the high school to provide physicals free of charge to BISD students. All you have to do is make sure you have completed the medical history form and signed the electronic forms on DragonFly.
What if my child attends an intermediate campus, can they still get a free physical?
Yes, the athletic trainers have made arrangements with the principals at both Chandler and Brownsboro Intermediate to provide transportation to and from the location physicals are being provided. All you have to do is make sure you have completed the medical history form and signed the electronic forms on DragonFly.