Accountability and Assessment

When will families receive their child’s STAAR scores?

Beginning on June 28th, parents will be able to access their child’s results in the district’s parent portal, or by entering their child’s information at TexasAssessment.Gov. As in previous years, families can access detailed breakdowns in each subject to identify where there may be strengths or gaps. They will also be able to see which questions their child got incorrect, and resources tailored to their child’s performance they can use to support learning at home.

  What are the passing scores for each test?

For information about passing scores for each test visit the Raw Score Conversion Tables webpage and select the test and year you would like to view. To learn more about understanding your child’s score visit

  What is the unique access code?

The first time a student takes a STAAR test, they receive a unique access code, which stays the same throughout the student’s time in a Texas public school. It is different from the district or school-issued student ID, and is only used to access your child’s information at or through your district’s parent portal.

   How do I find my child’s unique access code?

If you don’t have your child’s access code, you can visit, and click “Find my access code”. On the next screen, enter your child’s date of birth and social security or s-number to access your child’s STAAR results.

  What is an “S” number?

An S number is a state-approved alternate ID number assigned to a child either because a Social Security number is not available, or the parent chose not to release a Social Security number.