Food Service Department Receives Platinum Award

Dining service provider Chartwells recently awarded the Brownsboro ISD Food Service program with the Platinum Account Award.

Chartwells awards district programs based on various criteria, such as participation and budgeting.

“It’s a reflection not only on this office and the training we do here, but it’s a reflection on all those women in the cafeterias, serving good food, keeping things clean, and overall just making the kids happy.” said Director of Food Services, Gene Weinkauf.

Any K-12 school district partnering with Chartwells can receive the award, which entails school-wide recognition and a large plaque.

“We did better last year than we did the year before, and we’re doing even better this year.” said Weinkauf.

The Food Service Department has improved immensely since the past years and is on track to continue to improve.

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