Students speak on Fine Arts

There is no doubt that fine arts programs play an essential role in a complete education. Students of all ages benefit from artistic learning through the various fine art programs that Brownsboro Junior High has to offer. These programs allow for students to grow creatively through self-expression and become innovative thinkers.

Theatre Arts

Recognizing the importance of theatre, Brownsboro Junior High seeks to equip students with a program which allows aspiring students to experience the thrill of acting and fosters an appreciation of quality theater.

Throughout the year, students prepare for competition seasons and spend time transforming themselves into dynamic characters.

In February, BJHS One Act Play competed in the Academic Rodeo, a team competition in which schools perform before an audience and judges to receive a ranking.

The One Act Play performed a female led play called, “Look Me in the Eye”, which was directed by Donna King, the BJHS drama teacher. Their excellent performance was ranked Superior and received a perfect score of 100.

Three of the performing students, Rylie Jones, Hannah Stoke, and Brianna Gordan received All Star Cast recognitions.

“We all worked really hard on our show, and that really came out in our performance and the awards that we received,” Rylie Jones said.

Brownsboro Junior High’s theatre program enriches students’ performing capabilities so they can be prepared for the endless opportunities before them as they continue their artistic passions.

A drama program in junior high provides a safe environment where kids can go and not feel judged. They have the opportunity to explore their emotions and play other characters. The support
of peers, who have the same interests as them, as well as the encouragement from their director, will have a major impact on whether or not their transition during this time is a positive or negative experience.

“I’m not afraid to express myself creatively because everyone around me is doing it too,” said Tori Hooker, a theatre student. “It makes the experience even more fun.”


Next to theatre on theatre arts on the popularity scale is the Brownsboro Band. Students begin their journey in the Intermediate 6th grade

Band learning the basic concepts. In Junior High, students continue to grow and develop their skills, where they learn the fundamentals of music literacy and fluency as well as increasing technical understanding of their instruments.

Band students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their musical abilities throughout the year at events such as seasonal concerts, Solo and Ensemble, and Sightreading.

Junior High Band directors, Jakeb Ham and Jacob Pierce have prepared their students relentlessly to ensure that they give their best performance during these events.

“Concert season is a two part contest where we play 3 prepared pieces on stage for judges. One of these pieces consists of a march. The other part of the contest is the sight reading aspect, where I and the

band get a new piece of music never read before and have to perform it for another set of judges,” Ham said.

These activities encourage hard work and diligence as students spend time perfecting their music and honing their skills for their performance and later, their integration into the Brownsboro High School band.

On Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday April 25, the 7th and 8th grade band members traveled to Lindale High School to compete in the Region 21 UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest. The 7th Grade Band received a 2nd Division rating of Excellent for the Concert portion of the contest. In Sightreading they received a First Division or Superior raring.

The eighth grade played and Thursday and received a Superior or First Division rating for the Concert portion. Their Sightreading portion of the contest received an Excellent, or second division rating.

Visual Arts

BJHS understands the importance of giving our students the opportunity to express themselves creatively. Students are given a solid foundation in the fundamental elements and principles of art and are encouraged to use their art classes as a medium for self-expression. Art students at BJH are given a solid foundation in the fundamental elements and principles of art, but are also encouraged to use their art classes as a means for self expression.

Throughout the year lots of individual projects and some collaborative artworks. Students that take Art in 7th and 8th grade will also build a portfolio that they can add to year to year. Art I in junior high introduces students to the world of visual arts where they are exposed to a wide variety of art materials and methods, such as Chalk Pastel, Charcoal, Graphite, Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Acrylic, Ceramics(clay), Wire, Printmaking, Calligraphy. All of these projects will help prepare students for upper-level Art classes such as Art 2, Art 3, and Ceramics in the High school level.

“Students are challenged to see the world differently and to notice details in the world that they might otherwise miss,” art teacher Beth Bragdon said.

This year the art classes competed in the Academic Rodeo Art Competition and Houghton Mifflin Art and Literacy Contest, and have also displayed art around BJH in the glass cases in the North Building, Library, Hall bulletin board in the South Building and our Origami Collaborative Installation outside Mrs. Gray’s Office.

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