Wall of Honor

Here’s more from Mrs. McHam’s nominator:

One of the most well known and beloved ladies in our community is Dorothy McHam. Dorothy, until she retired, was one of the finest teachers in the history of BISD.  She taught in our community for 34 years. After she retired she still keeps helping our schools. She is affectionately known as a leader of the Chandler Mafia. This group has always done anything they have been asked to do to help children and adults alike in our community.  She has shared the honor of Citizen of the Year in Chandler, not once but twice. She was one of the founding leaders that started the Pow Wow. Dorothy has been the most influential educator since my family moved to Chandler in 1983. I cannot imagine any BISD Wall of Honor that does not include Dorothy McHam.  There will be other very deserving nominees but none more deserving than Dorothy McHam.

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