Education Foundation Grants

By Haley Turner

From pedal desks to drones and robots to parental involvement programs, this year’s Brownsboro ISD Education Foundation grants covered the spectrum of school needs.


Every year, the foundation distributes grants to Brownsboro ISD teachers. Teachers must apply for the grants, and it’s a competitive process, said Larry Goddard, foundation advisor.


The range of ideas from our educators is impressive, forward-thinking, with students' successes as top priority” Goddard said. This year, the foundation gave out an estimated $15,000 in grants, Goddard said.

This year’s recipients included:

Rita Grey at Brownsboro Junior High School, received grant money to purchase the Coping Tool Box so that students are able to use coping mechanisms to help calm their anxieties and communicate effectively.  

Carrie Ham, Jana Sherman, Karen Hardison at Chandler Elementary. These Pre-K and Headstart teachers aim to increase  parental involvement and provide parents with at-home resources to aid in student success

Kathryn Dixon, a Brownsboro Elementary Pre-K, received a grant that will used to build pre-writing and writing skills, expand vocabulary and expressive language and increase high level thinking through science, technology, engineering, and math manipulatives.

Marla Caton, Chandler Elementary School, physical education teacher.  Grant will be used to purchase safety mats to be used during physical activities.

Callie Meyer, Laura Robertson, Jodi Padgett, Melissa Childers, and Tiffany Powell, Brownsboro Elementary kindergarten teachers, received a grant that will allow the campus to purchase a database of books available in both English and Spanish.

Allie Blerig, Bayley Swinford, Connie McGee, Rachel Ledkins, Amanda Thompson; Brownsboro Elementary School 1st grade teachers received a grant to purchase hands-on language arts learning materials to use daily in small groups, guided reading groups and whole group instruction.

Melissa Hallmark, Haley Ramirez, and Susan Jackson at Brownsboro Intermediate School plan to “create a writing hub in the classrooms”.  



Erin Wyatt, Brownsboro Intermediate School teacher, received pedal desks—small pedal machinery under the desks.  Studies indicate that moving while learning helps students be more engaged, alert and productive.  


Shelly Fulgham, Brandy McNeece, Brownsboro Intermediate, School teachers received a grant to purchase flexible seating and sand timers to boost the confidence of special needs learners in the classroom.  


Scott Williams and Brad Parker, Brownsboro Intermediate School science teachers aim to bring the latest drone technology into the classrooms to engage students in the curriculum.


Kristy Bailey, a Brownsboro Junior High Reading teacher.  Bailey and her students received grant money to improve reading skills with the purchase texts that are interesting and relevant to students’ everyday life.


Tonya Tompkins, a Brownsboro Intermediate School teacher, received a grant for Ozobots. Ozobots are powerful tiny robots that students can program and learn how to code. This project will push students to think critically and create with technology.

“With partnership of our donors and our fundraising events, we are able to reward teachers of BISD for their initiative to implement new innovative ways of learning within their classrooms,” said BISD superintendent Tommy Hunter. “Their excitement for the new programs is contagious and the students will benefit for years to come.”


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