Spring Senior Checklist: Jan-Feb

All Spring

  • Continue your hunt for scholarships and apply for scholarships.

  • Check with Mrs. Gray often to pick up applications for local scholarships.  If you do not apply you will not get a scholarship!



  • Check application deadlines for sending in required fees and paperwork.  Do not hesitate to contact your college admissions or financial aid if you have any questions.  There are no “Dumb” questions!

  • Make sure you have checked on and applied for scholarships available at your specific college.

  • Request that your high school send your first semester grades to every college that you applied to. Remember, schools will continue to track your grades as you finish out your senior year, so now’s no time to slack.

  • Verify with your counselor that your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and test scores have been sent to your prospective schools.

  • Send an email or make a phone call to make sure your colleges have received your application. While you’re at it, check to see that they have everything else they need, including your transcripts and financial aid material.

  • If planning to live on campus while attending college, make sure your housing contract has been submitted. The earlier you submit, the more dorm and room choices you will have.



  • Acceptance letters and financial aid offers still start to arrive.  Review your acceptances, compare financial aid packages, and visit your final choices, especially if you have not made a decision yet.

  • Once you've received all of your responses from colleges, make your final decision!

  • You should contact the college early in February if you need housing.  If you are staying in an apartment you should check on these early to lease.

  • Make sure you ask about scholarships offered at your college.

  • Make sure you have signed up for the Remind messages with Mrs. Gray so you get notifications when a new, local scholarship arrives.


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