Lending a Claw


Over the previous two weeks, the Lone Star state has been vastly affected by Hurricane Harvey. Rivers flowing down the streets, filled with the precious memories of the families that have been forced into sanctuaries looking for a place to keep them protected. Families, houses and the heart of this state have been torn apart by this devastating tropical storm, forcing them to seek out help from all those willing to do so.

Fortunately, Brownsboro ISD has responded to this plea for help, and is currently accepting donations to be sent directly to the victims of Harvey. Kelly Ward, one of the directors of the Sole Mission is working hand-in-hand with Brownsboro ISD to gather materials and items to deliver to shelters in the areas that have been severely affected by the storm.  

The academic team, band, and theater department are working together to help Sole Mission. They are accepting items such as, baby formula, diapers, baby wipes, trash bags, cleaning supplies, shoes, and money. They will continue accepting donations through friday night at the Bears first home game, against Canton.

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